Perinatal Mental Health

Moms & Dads: You are not alone. Help is available!

Not only as a counselor with knowledge of clinical information/statistics/treatments but as a mom, I can understand the struggles of post-partum mood & anxiety disorders. I was there. Along with the stressors I had experienced during pregnancy, my body and brain took on caring for my new baby in ways that were not normal. I did not know that anything was wrong with me. I thought I was being a perfect mom. I was making sure everything was perfect for my son. I made sure all my son's baby clothes were perfectly hung and evenly separated in the closet, the bottles and pieces were cleaned immediately after each use and sterilized, all the checking I did to make sure he was breathing, all the worries and fears I had and things I did to make sure nothing bad would happen, and on and on and on. I thought this was motherhood. I thought I was protecting my son from this world. But it wasn't healthy behaviors. They were excessive, obsessive, etc.

However, with support from my husband, family, friends, my OB, and a psychologist, my following 2 pregnancies and post-partum experiences were completely different and much healthier than the first.

Getting better is possible!

Please reach out to a mental healthcare provider if you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms during or after pregnancy!

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