Spring 2020 - Stressed? Parent Support Group

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

I have teamed up with another therapist, Steffanie Strawbridge, LCSW, to offer a free online parent support group to help parents connect with each other, learn ways to help cope with stress, and explore ways to support your children during online learning. This group will be held each Tuesday in May (2020) at 6pm.

As a parent myself, I get it! This online learning stuff is kind of overwhelming for all involved, it seems! It is nothing like I could have imagined when we first got notice that we would be doing this due to Covid-19 school closures. I thought, "Hmm. My kids can have some time on the computer for some classes, answer questions from the teachers, say hi to friends online. Do this a couple of times a week. Print the assigned work and do it. Then bam! Done!" Well it's nothing like this. There's zoom classes, assignments in several different apps and websites, lots of reading, lots of emotions, and also me teaching my kids things that I haven't thought about in 15-20 years!!! Not to mention all the times these kids want to eat, all the play time/"PE" to get them focused on doing the work, all the fidgets to use while working, and all the times I hear "Mom, I need help!" throughout the school day!

So, I get it! It's stressful. Some parents are working from home, have other children to tend to, and need to somehow figure out how to care for themselves and their mental health! This pandemic can feel scary, worrisome, and paralyzing. Parents are trying to make sure their kids feel safe, secure, and loved while going through these uncertain times. Yet, we still somehow have to keep up with everything day in and day out.

(PS summer is almost here! Yay!)

But we can do this! You can do this! We already have been doing this. We have done it for soo many days so far! Maybe not perfectly. (What is perfect anyway?!) We are surviving right now. Some social media posts may show you that others are not only surviving, but they are thriving. And that is wonderful for them. However, some are treading water trying to breathe and stay afloat. So as we near the finish line of this school year, Steffanie and I know that this situation we are in can feel very stressful and we would like to offer some support to parents to finish out this crazy school year together!

If you are only able to join for 20 minutes, then please join for 20 minutes! If you need to have your kids chill and watch a movie while you attend the whole meeting, then that is okay, too, as you need to take care of you, too! And while we want to maintain all the confidentiality for the participants, please know that if you need to step out of the room to tend to a child, then please mute the group on both ends and do what you need to do and we will see you when you get back!

To join, please email me at or Steffanie at for the intake form and zoom meeting login information!



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