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Services and Rates

Accepted Insurances:
United Healthcare, Oscar, Oxford

Counseling/Therapy & Clinical Behavior Analysis

*Currently Only Available Through Teletherapy*

Consultation - 20 minutes - Free

Individual Session - 90 minutes - $175

Individual Session - 75 minutes - $155

Individual Session - 50 minutes - $120

Individual Check In - 30 minutes - $70


Travel Rate - $25/15 mins

Travel Rate to and from office will be applied for all services out of the office

Parenting Support Sessions*

Cost per session same as "Individual" above

*Required parent support session (at a minimum) every 4 weeks when working with minor clients

Professional Fee of $100/hour will apply for all other services outside of the psychotherapy session such as assessments, evaluations, developing behavior intervention plans, developing data collection systems and graphing, report writing, **collaboration with other service providers, etc.

Professional Fees are an out-of-pocket expense

**A superbill can be provided, when requested, to submit to insurance for possible reimbursement for consultations with other service providers


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